Sri Lanka Photo Libraries: The Destination: The People: The Experience: The Flora and Fauna

We have 4 great image libraries for Sri Lanka for you to experience the REAL Spirit of Sri Lanka!
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Sri Lanka: The Destination
A shining tropical gem of an island, affordable, safe and peaceful, stunning beaches, pristine rain forests, sophisticated hotels, resorts and retreats, wonderful food,  exciting excursions and activities, and all this only a little over 10 hours flying time direct from London.. 


Sri Lanka: The People
The people of Sri Lanka are indeed the very 'Spirit of Sri Lanka', warm, wonderful and genuine, caring deeply about their country AND visitors to their country. A people that are deeply religious, where family and friends are the most important aspects of their life. We could learn much here...


Picture Gallery for the Sri Lanka: The Destination
Picture Gallery for people of Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka: The Experience
Sri Lanka is not a mass tourism destination with  'wall to wall' cheap airline charters. It offers a relaxing, unique, affordable and sophisticated tropical holiday destination that has something for everyone; singles, couples, honeymooners and families as well as being an ideal destination for business groups & incentives.


Sri Lanka: Flora & Fauna
Probably the jewel in Sri Lanka's crown is its incredible number of unspoilt National  Parks with an amazing array of wild animals, birds and wonderful flowers and flora. Blue whales, leopards, the ubiquitous Sri Lankan elephant - it's all here - and much more  in this pocket size destination!


Picture Gallery for the Sri Lanka experience
Picture Gallery for Flora & Fauna of Sri Lanka



The stunning interior of the Dambullah Rock Temple

Ayubowan- peace and happiness.. welcome to Sri Lanka!
A wonderfully warm and genuine welcome awaits all visitors to Sri Lanka..
An amazing experience...washing an elephant down surrounded by surrounded by other elephants..
The master of all he surveys.. the Sri Lankan Leopard

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